DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass

Hello friends! I have another DIY post for you today and it involves one of my favorite flowers, peonies!! One of the positives of having spent the last 8 weeks at home because of COVID-19 restrictions, has been having more time for home projects and simple DIY’s.  I’ve got a few more home projects up my sleeve, but today I’m excited to be joining some blogger friends as we share our peony tips and DIY’S.  Peonies are just so beautiful all on their own, but my DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass will make the perfect little addition to your tablescape, coffee table or nightstand!

DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass


  1. Fresh cut peonies
  2. Assorted milk glass or other pots
  3. Floral foam
  4. Decorative moss, Brockytony, stones, etc. for cover
  5. Plastic lids
  6. Sharp knife (for cutting foam)
  7. Scissors or pruners for trimming peonies

DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass

Step 1:

Cut floral foam to fit your vase and drop in a bowl or sink of water for about a minute.  Once dampened, place in your milk glass container and top it up with additional water.

Step 2:

Trim peony(s) to the desired length and remove most of the leaves. Insert into foam.

Step 3:

Cover with moss.

DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass

Step 4:

If using stones or Brockytony, you will need to use a plastic lid to act as a base (so they don’t fall in the water). Cut a hole in the center of the lid and insert the peony(s) through it first.  Then insert the peony(s) into the foam. Top with stones.

Step 5:

That’s it, you’re done! Keep an eye on the water and top up as needed but they should be good for a couple of days at least.

Now you can enjoy these beautiful DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass just about anywhere in your home! You can make several and group them together or display each one on their own.

DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass

You can place them on a side or coffee table in your living or family room.

DIY Potted Peonies in Milk Glass

They will also look lovely on a bedside table or in the kitchen.

These peonies would also look lovely on an outdoor table or for a wedding or baby shower celebration.  If you want an arrangement that lasts longer or fresh peonies are not available in your area, you can absolutely use faux stems instead! To see how I used peonies on my front door last summer, check out my Basket Door Wreath 4 Ways Now, be sure to visit the other bloggers below for more lovely peony inspiration and ideas.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Judy xx

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