Decorating Your Mantle: Easy Styling Tips

Hello friends!! This week I’m pulling out the fall decor and one of my favourite spots to decorate is my mantle.  I thought it would be fun to share some of the tips that work for me when I’m switching up my mantle for a new season.  How do you go about it? Do you have a couple of items that stay put from season to season or do you like a clean slate? I have a few favourites for sure, but I also like to get creative and experiment with new decor too. So let’s get started! Decorating Your Mantle: Easy Styling Tips are a few things that will help you get a head start on decorating your next mantle.

Statement Piece

Start with a statement piece: an anchor, a focal point. Think: a mirror or wall art like a canvas or framed print or other interesting object.  My juju hat is my statement piece and also my favourite home decor purchase ever! Since I have high ceilings in my living room, the space called for something special and I feel like the juju fits perfectly here. Work with your own space and style and look for something that makes a statement!



Layering multiples pieces of art ( like prints or signs) and multiples of the same decor item (like the pumpkins I used here) fills in blank space and adds lots of interest to your mantle.  I always feel like one sign or framed print can be beautifully simple on its own, but add another (like I did with last year’s fall mantle) and it really bumps up the whole look!



Bet you knew this would be on the list! I love having flowers on the mantle, whether they’re fresh or faux. I also like using different vessels to display them.  Flowers can really bring your mantle to life and of course if they’re fresh, they smell lovely too! Have fun experimenting with different vases, baskets or containers.  For the hydrangea in the belly basket below, I filled a smaller glass vase with water and popped it inside the basket.


Whether you add a chunky pillar candle, tealights or tapers…candles are pretty much a necessity on any mantle I decorate.  Using similar candle sticks of different heights (like on my Christmas mantle below) gives a really nice effect. The pretty flicker at night and the lovely scent of your favourite candle filling the air, just feels cozy and homey to me.  With fall just around the corner, I’m already thinking of switching out my lighter, floral scents from spring and summer to something richer.  I’m feeling all cozy already!!


My last tip, texture, incorporates all of the above.  All of the things you choose for your mantle work together to create something beautiful.  Think about how the different flowers, greenery, wood,  painted canvas, metal accents or the flicker of a candle, all create beautiful layers that make your mantle interesting and unique. Be creative! You may have to try things a few different ways before you find the right combination.



On a side note, I finally painted out the 90’s brass on both my fireplaces 🙌🏻 I’ll be sharing a full refresh on my family room fireplace on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that! I really love the new look in here too.


How will you be decorating your mantle for fall? I’d love to hear about it 😊 Hope I’ve given you a few tips to get you started! We’ll see you next week for our fall blog hop. There’s going to be so much fabulous fall inspiration, you won’t want to miss it!!

Judy xo




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