Barre Fitness: What to Expect

Have you ever wondered what I like to do when I’m not styling or blogging about my home? Well, besides the obvious ( I’m a wife and Mamma of two ☺️) exercise is a huge part of who I am.  It’s my way to recharge my batteries and I always feel better when I can fit a workout in! I love running, hiking and more recently, barre class.  I always get lots of questions about what a barre class is like, so today I’m excited to share Barre Fitness: What to Expect and a sneak peek into my local studio.

*This is a sponsored post but as always, all opinions are my own.

When you enter Barre Fitness Port Moody, you are immediately greeted with smiles and a bright and airy, spa-like studio. But we’re not here to relax , we’re here to sweat so let’s get checked in!

barre etiquette:

First things first…barre etiquette. Bare feet or socks are worn during class.  Put your phone away, this is YOUR time! Enjoy your workout and be kind!

barre fitness: what to expect

Common questions I get asked about barre are: “Do you have to have to have a dancing background?” or “Is it a dancing class?” The answer to both is no! The barre workout is based on postural strength, alignment, breath and muscle action. Each class starts with a warm up and upper body exercises using light weights.

Then we move to the ballet barre to work the lower body and abs.

The fitball is used at the barre and for core exercises. Here on the mat, we work on the core and final stretches.

What I love about barre class is how it complements my other workouts.  I’m so much stronger in my upper body and my core than when I was just running . I also love getting to know the familiar faces in class and enjoy the variety of a group workout.

The instructors at Barre Fitness Port Moody are friendly, knowledgeable, motivating AND they have great taste in music!

The Studio:

I spy one of my favourite local brands K’pure! Remember what I said about it feeling like a spa in here?!?

I really admire how Barre Fitness Port Moody is passionate about taking part in community initiatives like Pink Shirt Day and partnering with local brands like Squish Juicery and Skoah.

They also have fitness challenges to keep you inspired and motivated like their current 12-week Barre  Fitness Challenge. Each week focuses on a different muscle group and the goal is to come 3X per week!

I always leave class with a smile because it feels so good! I really hope you’ve found Barre Fitness: What to Expect helpful and it encourages you to give it a try! There are options for different classes available from beginner to advanced, so it’s easy to find the right fit. Do you love barre class as much as I do? Still have questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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