Indoor/Outdoor Patio Decorating

Hi friends! I have no idea where June went!?! We’re officially on summer holidays for two months and I couldn’t be more excited or ready!! Sleeping in, no lunches to make, extra long walks and hikes, afternoons by the pool, trips to the cottage, BBQ’s, berry picking, camp fires…I could go on and on. One of the things I love most about summer weather is how our outdoor space expands. Love having morning coffee in the garden, afternoons by the pool and dinner on the patio. I live for these days! I’m a bit behind on my backyard setup this summer as our new deck keeps getting delayed. Feeling tired of waiting,  I grabbed a few things from inside to tide us over until things get started… or quite possibly the rest of the summer. So if your outdoor space needs a quick update or you’re in limbo like me, here are my tips for easy indoor/outdoor patio decorating.




I usually have a few designated outdoor pillows, but don’t be afraid to grab your faves from indoors in a pinch or when entertaining. Mixing indoor and outdoor pillows creates a lovely comfortable feel on your patio. Just remember to bring them in overnight. These applique pillows are from my collaboration with local pillow company Pillow Fight Factory. Click HERE to view the collection.  They can be customized in indoor/outdoor fabric and colour.


Typography print pillows are especially fun outside and there are so many cool phrases available you might have trouble deciding. Our backyard is definitely our happy place in the summer, so this one seemed like the perfect fit!

Bar Cart/Tray Table

Adding a bar cart or tray table set up as a drink station really ups the glam factor on your patio.  You can purchase a large bar cart made for outdoors or a small tray table like mine works really well too.  You may already have a tray table that could do double duty outdoors.  If not, consider purchasing one that can be also be used indoors for extra drinks or appetizers when needed.




Flowers/Tropical plants

Adding cut flowers to your outdoor space is so easy and yet just feels a bit more special than potted plants.  I like my potted plants on the patio rather than my tables. If you’re lucky enough to  have peonies, hydrangeas, roses or dahlias in your garden, it’s as easy as snipping a few blooms and popping them in a casual vase or jar. Fresh cut flowers always make a beautiful statement, indoors or out!



If you live in a cooler climate like me during the off summer months, your indoor tropical plants can finally be moved outdoors in the summer! Perfect for adding that tropical vibe to your patio!




If you’re hosting a BBQ or outdoor dinner party, use your regular dinnerware instead of paper or plastic.  It’s a whole lot prettier and your guests will appreciate it too.  Of course if you’re hosting a large group, I’m recyclable all the way because I’d rather be enjoying the party than cleaning up. This includes cutlery, napkins and glassware too. And since you already have all this on hand, setting the table will be a breeze!



Since we have a pool, we have a “no glass on the pool deck” rule.  Luckily acrylic glassware has become so stylish and available, it looks right at home on my drink tray and pairs well next to glassware too!



Ok here’s a fun one! I don’t normally think of using coasters outdoors, but … it’s surprising how chic and glam it looks and feels and I’m wondering why we haven’t always used them! So easy to borrow your coasters from inside or shop for some fun summer themed ones.






Hope you enjoyed my tips to get your patio looking great!  Stealing decor from indoors is a great way to get the look you love without spending a lot.  Fingers crossed we get our new deck soon and if we do, I’ll definitely be sharing!  At least things are looking good while I wait.

Happy summer!!

Judy xo




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