Gallery Wall DIY

I’ve been planning a gallery wall almost as long as we’ve lived here ( just about two years! ) I always thought they were cool, but it wasn’t until I started my home decor/lifestyle IG, that I truly had to have one. It seemed like everyone had one and I love the personal feeling they give to a home, especially when you have a lot of white walls. Here’s how I made mine happen:

Ok, so this step took the most amount of time. I envisioned some family portraits and some kind of wood decor at the beginning. I found the arrow signs first from an IG friend and her Etsy shop My Dear Little Things  The family portraits were taken last summer at my parents 50th Anniversary celebration, which happened to be perfect timing! Once I had those, my gallery wall was born. Shortly after, I won the Eco Deer in a giveaway and I knew it would be the perfect addition! I added some prints from my favorite print shop Kardz Kouture and then it was time to shop for frames. I decided to go with different frames,  but I also love the look of using all the same.   It’s a process…it takes time to gather the pieces that are special and meaningful to you.  That’s what will make your wall all about YOU!


The wall we chose for our gallery is a high traffic area and also a focal point from the living room, so it seemed like a very logical place to feature our special items.  It is not however, a very large wall and we also needed to work around a wall sconce.  Pinterest has a ton of templates for gallery walls.  After scrolling through various options,  I decided to go with a “circular” style. Basically I started with my largest frame and built around it.


Once I knew the placement I wanted, I traced each item onto tissue paper (you could use Kraft paper too). I cut them out and using painters tape, attached them to the wall where I wanted each one to go.


Just place your items overtop of the templates and slide them out. Rather than use nails I decided to use Command Strips. A good friend recommended them and they really worked out great. Best part is, if I decide to switch things up, no holes in the wall!


Definitely not a difficult job at all, but an extra set of hands really made a difference. Thanks to the hubby! Totally made me wonder why it took me so long to get around to it in the first place. I couldn’t be happier with the results!



What do you think?!?  me a question if you’ve got one about your own gallery wall.

Have a great least it’s a short one! 😉

Judy xo


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