Easy Watercolour Valentine’s Cards

Welcome friends! It’s been a very busy January over here and Valentine’s Day has definitely snuck up on me this year. I’ve been in full on spring decorating mode and haven’t had much time to think about decorating or gifts.  If you’re feeling the same or just looking for a simple last-minute idea for gift giving, you’re going to love my Easy Watercolour Valentine’s Cards!

All you need is a few supplies which you can pick up at your local craft or dollar store.

Materials for Easy Watercolour Valentine’s Cards:

  1. Watercolour paint set and brush
  2. Plain cards with envelopes (not shiny)

directions for easy watercolour Valentine’s cards:

  1. Try a few practice designs on blank paper to get a feel for the brush and the colours you like.
  2. Open the cards so they lay flat.
  3. Moisten brush in water and lightly brush off the excess.  You don’t want it dripping wet, but it needs to be wet enough. (you’ll get the hang of the right amount of water as you practice).
  4. Draw your outline.
  5. Lightly fill it in with short, light strokes, moistening your brush as needed.

What I like about these cards is each one is hand-made and unique.  Have fun and don’t worry about perfection.  Your friends and family will love that you created something special just for them. I painted all hearts, but you could also do X’s and O’s or words like LOVE or BE MINE. Your kids will love these cards too! They can paint their own for their teacher, friends or grandparents.

I hope you like my Easy Watercolour Valentine’s Cards and give them a try! Truly they are so simple and such a pretty touch for giving! How will you be celebrating? For Valentine’s Day decorating inspiration and a yummy recipe you can enjoy even on your way out the door in the morning, check out my post Easy Valentine’s Decorating And A Sweet Treat 

Wishing you a super sweet day!!

judy xo



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