We tried Fresh Prep Vancouver: Here’s what we thought

When Fresh Prep reached out and asked if I wanted to try their meal delivery service for 4 weeks, I jumped at the chance. Since “What’s for dinner?” and “There’s nothing to eat” are probably two of the most common phrases in our household, I instantly knew it would be a great fit!  Over the last month, we’ve chosen and prepared 2-3 Fresh Prep meals per week as well as add-ons and not only has it taken the guess work out of what’s for dinner, we’ve learned a few things about cooking and meal planning along the way.  Want to save up to 75% off your first order? I’ll be sharing my exclusive code at the end of the post so read on for all the details!

*This post is sponsored by Fresh Prep in exchange for an honest review of their meal delivery service.  As always, all opinions are my own and provide details of our personal experience.

We tried Fresh Prep Vancouver: Here's what we thought

We tried Fresh Prep Vancouver: Here's what we thought

Wondering how Fresh Prep works? Each week you choose from 10 recipe options.  You decide on the number of meals you want and how many servings of each.  Since our family of four is half vegetarian (we eat fish) and half meat eaters, we chose to do one meal we could all agree on for 4 servings, another with meat for the boys (2 servings) and one more vegetarian for us girls (2 servings).  We found this flexibility worked really well for us! There are lots of options available depending on your families dietary needs including: vegetarian, vegan, dairy aware and gluten aware. Meals are delivered to your door once a week in handy cooler bags.

I love that Fresh Prep cares about delivering convenient and sustainable solutions to their customers. They recently introduced the Zero Waste Kit which allows ingredients to be added easily as you go without the use of single-use plastics. We also found that it kept things more organized while we were cooking and there was definitely less mess to clean up afterwards. When you’re finished cooking, simply rinse out  the containers, air dry and return with your cooler bag on delivery day.  They are then washed and sanitized before their next use. Easy AND good for the environment, that’s a win win in our house!

We tried Fresh Prep Vancouver: Here's what we thought

Each week, everyone was excited to find out what was on the menu for dinner. I was happy because I actually had a plan in place which felt so good! Every meal comes with all the ingredients needed and a recipe card with step by step instructions.  Some ingredients are ready to go and some require slicing or chopping. Meals range from easy to moderate to complex, but none of them took longer than about 40 mins to prepare. I always say the more the merrier when it comes to preparing dinner and even Mr. LBH got involved in the fun!

We were very impressed with the quality and freshness of the ingredients and every single meal was delicious!

We loved the add-ons too! Choose from convenient add-ons which include: salads, groceries, beverages and snacks and sweets.  You can select items weekly that makes sense with your schedule and suit your lifestyle.  Whether it’s healthy snacks to pop into school lunches or prepared foods that make an extra easy lunch or dinner. Since my daughter and I drink smoothies almost everyday, we really loved the smoothies from Good Stuff.  Perfect for a quick breakfast and great for on the go too!

We tried Fresh Prep Vancouver: Here's what we thought

We tried Fresh Prep Vancouver: Here's what we thought

These Mexican Style Street Corn add-ons were a family favourite and a great addition to our backyard BBQ’s!

We couldn’t have timed things better with back to school happening last week. Our Fresh Prep delivery was a very welcome blessing during a busy transition of new schedules and routine. Knowing not only what I was going to make for dinner, but also that we had all the necessary ingredients (no last minute trips to the grocery store!) is probably what I liked most about trying Fresh Prep.  Well that, and how delicious everything tasted!  A few of our faves were: Spicy Tuna Tataki Tostadas, Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche, Spiced Lamb Biryani, Lemony Spinach and Artichoke Pasta and Spicy Shrimp Fajitas.

Have I tempted you to give Fresh Prep a try yet? I’d love for you to see for yourself how much more fun and stress-free mealtimes can be for your family too.  Fresh Prep is giving my readers the chance to save up to 75% off their first order (*applicable to 2-meal/2-person plans, or a value of $36.75 on other plans) by using my code INFHOME21. That’s a huge savings I hope you’ll take advantage of! Have any questions about our experience? Drop them below and I’d love to help.

Happy cooking!!

judy xx






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