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  1. Judy, what a gorgeous place to visit! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Aaron lived in Penticton for 8 years!
    Hugs, Jamie

  2. Best hotel in Penticton! We got married in Penticton 5 years ago and our family and friends still talk about their stay there!

  3. This place looks stunning!! I look forward to experiencing the beautiful beach and paddle boarding the gorgeous Okanagan Lake! 😍

  4. Love this Judy! It looks like heaven!
    I would look forward to literally everything!! ( Well, maybe not the gym 😉).
    Just imagining myself relaxing on the beach with a couple of books or experiencing the local food and wine at the resort is literally a dream getaway! My husband and I have 3 kids and have rarely been away just the two of us since we started our family 18 years ago. Yesterday (Aug 19) was our 20th Wedding Anniversary and although we weren’t able to celebrate it like we envisioned, maybe if the stars and entries align we will be able to raise a glass to us at the Penticton Lakeside Resort! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  5. This seems like exactly the getaway I’ll need after returning to school and helping my students deal with the anxiety of the unknown. Looks like a little slice of Heaven!

  6. Would definitely be having dinner at The Hooded Merganser! Coffee on my private deck looking out on a beautiful lakeview would be amazing!

  7. This mama would love a staycation at this beautiful resort and all it has to offer! !Fingers crossed🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞❤❤❤❤

  8. Penticton is my favourite bc place to visit and this place looks like it will make the experience a thousand times better! -Veronica

  9. This is a wonderful hotel. I love that it’s right beside the beach. I would definitely bring one of my girlfriends and do some wine tastings as well. Thanks for the chance!

  10. This trip looks amazing Judy! What great views from that room ♥ would love to win the giveaway to take my hubby on a weekend getaway.

  11. This looks like a super fun trip! The hotel and the room views looks amazing ♥ would love to stay there for a weekend getaway 😊

  12. Looks like a perfect place to stay for a mini vacation, love the views 😍 and that it has it has its own private beach.

  13. Stayed here last September for a couple days and it was a dream!!! xx Such a relaxing spot to get a way. In love with the new west wing and the sustainable wood concepts. So beautiful.

  14. We love the Penticton Lakeside resort! The views are exceptional and the rooms are very modern and spacious. Would love to come up
    with a few friends and and go wine tasting and enjoy a nice dinner at The Hooded Merganser!

  15. Thanks Judy for sharing your experience with us. Waking up to such a beautiful lake view would makes anyone’s day!

  16. Morning coffee on the beautiful deck then would love to sit on the licensed beach all day and soak up the sun and sip on local wines 🍷 then head to the hooded merganser for supper!!

  17. Looks like a perfect getaway… I’m most looking forward to paddle boarding on Okanagan Lake,… but also coffee with a view, Pure juice for a healthy kick, swim and relax on the private beach, the amazing mountain and lake view, a special dinner at The Hooded Merganser and time on that beautiful room!!!

  18. The resort is stunning! Really need this vacation as i have a daughter with special needs and she loves beach so much and makes her happy and calm.💖 and the room and the view.. wow!

  19. Wow looks amazing!!! As a stay at home mom of three young boys, I think I would mostly enjoy… all of it, haha, but specifically, the solitude and peace of being on the lake, having a quiet early morning coffee and a paddle on the lake <3

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