Stylish Halloween Decor


So I know this is going to make me sound like the worst, no fun Mom…but I don’t really like Halloween all that much 😱 I know awful right?!? I’m the most Halloween-challenged person I know. I wasn’t even that into dressing up as a kid! So when I became a Mom, I’d say it became my least favourite “holiday” to celebrate with my own kids. Of course I enjoy carving the  jack o lanterns, seeing them in their cute or scary costumes, handing out (and eating) candy…but when it comes to decorating, I leave that to the hubby & politely ask him to stick to decorating the outside ☺️

Last year I thought I’d try decorating a simple tray with some Halloween decor that was more my style ie. nothing orange. I was actually surprised how much I liked it and looked forward to doing it again this year! I even added a few new items 👻  Thankfully all the home decor stores carry “mom friendly” Halloween decor that’s reasonably priced, festive and most important stylish! 


A cute sign, dramatic blooms, some candy corn and you’re good to go! Think sparkly skulls, crows, banners, prints and black tea lights. The dollar store is also a great place to look especially if you’re a last minute gal like me.


This spooky but stylish pillow is a simple addition but adds the perfect Halloween touch to our living room 🕷 And there’s nothing easier than adding a toss cushion for instant effect!


When you choose items that complement your decor, Halloween doesn’t have to be tacky. Love how this creepy gold, tea light holder looks on my side table ✨✨ Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be all Halloween related either. The white velvet pumpkin is actually part of my fall decor and ties in nicely. Incorporating those fall branches and blooms and white pumpkins works really well too.

Of course my kids think I’m crazy (if  it’s stylish it’s not “real” Halloween decor) But I like to think  I’m making baby steps to actually liking it. And just in case you’re wondering…outdoors is mostly about them and includes caution tape, skeletons and a smoke machine 😃




Happy Halloween!! 🎃

Xox Judy


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