Styling Acrylic Furniture and Decor


I remember the first time I saw these acrylic bar stools in the kitchen of one of my favourite blogger’s 😱 It was love at first sight ❤️ Several months later when we moved into our “new to us” home, they were the very first thing I bought. I loved them so much in our space it actually started a bit of a trend shall we say…or maybe it’s more of an obsession ☺️

So what’s to love about acrylic furniture and accessories? Well… because it’s clear (obviously)  it gives a very seamless and transparent look that’s great against dark or heavy furniture. Let’s just say it’s a great way to balance things out. And also because of its transparency, it also works well in smaller spaces because it takes up less visual space. Which is why these stools work so well at my island. Our kitchen isn’t new and it’s not a huge space. There wasn’t a lot of room for bar stools. These tuck in nicely under the counter and don’t get in the way.



I decided to carry the theme through the kitchen when I found this wine rack and paper towel holder at Target 🎯 Another thing I love about acrylic decor is how it adds a touch of modern instantly. My kitchen is pretty traditional and I love how these small touches contrast the dark counters and add a subtle modern feel.


Of couse when I saw these acrylic salad servers…I had to have them too ☺️


My dining room furniture is quite dark, so I love the seamless look of the acrylic and brushed metal tray as my bar setup. It keeps things light and I love mixing the modern tray with the vintage buffet. Love the touch of glam it adds in here too!



When we redid the home office let’s just say I was thinking white desk and acrylic chair for me..kinda love how it turned out 😍 It’s a special spot just for me to catch up on paperwork, dream up design ideas and yes, work on my blog! The acrylic chair adds a special touch to a pretty basic desk and again, keeps things light and airy.

Currently on the hunt for my next piece of acrylic furniture or home decor accessory 😃 What do you think of how I’ve used acrylic pieces in my home? Do you have a favourite item to share? Leave me a note in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it!

Xox Judy


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