Pretty Pillows

Pillows are like shoes and handbags…a girl can never have too many! 😊 They are the perfect accessory to  add comfort, colour and texture to your space.  In our living room, I’m trying to keep the pillows as neutral as the sofa right now, so not to take away from the sofa itself. I love the rope texture of this one , and like the way it blends seamlessly.


This summer I was obsessed with flamingos!! I love the way they fit in with our backyard pool decor. And since we have a lot of white around here 😊 the splash of coral/pink really pops!!


When it comes to the bedroom, pillows are more than just decor. Choosing the right pillow to lay your head on is not so simple given all the options out there! Down or down alternative? Which do you prefer & why? Would love to hear your comments below! I love to layer different pillows & throws on the bed.  Especially  at this time of year, when the days are getting shorter and the cooler weather just makes you want to wrap yourself in cozy!


Pillows with bold patterns can really add the finishing touch to a chair or sofa. Love the way this one adds the perfect contrast against our solid grey sofa and white walls in the family room.


What do you think of my pillow choices? Where’s your favourite place to shop for pillows? Down or down alternative?


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